Trusted IT support you can always rely on

A robust and reliable IT system is the foundation of a successful business, and the team at PNTS are dedicated to looking after yours. We understand how your business utilise your systems, and we are committed to helping you improve productivity and minimise downtime through proactively monitoring your IT system, and by being on hand if something does go wrong.

That’s not all though.

We don’t expect to speak to you only when something goes wrong.

The majority of our current client base also involve us in planning and growing their systems to suit their ongoing needs, and many of the conversations we have started with questions such as “What if...?”, “How can I...?” and “Would we be able to...?”.

This level of involvement allows us to get things right for you from the start, and ensures that we understand your systems better than anyone else, making sure that everything works perfectly for you and your users.

Who are our Clients?

Typically, our client base consists of businesses of up to 150 end users, companies who are looking for added value IT support but who don’t necessarily want to employ dedicated technical staff.

We take a long-term interest in the development of our client IT systems and future developments and do not believe a large budget is required to achieve outstanding levels of support and advice.

We promise that we will react quickly and efficiently to your IT issues and challenges, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

We have a highly qualified and very experienced team of engineers who will not only provide solutions to any issues or requirements your company may have, but will also communicate with you in plain English, which something we pride ourselves on.

We don’t position ourselves as your IT supplier or services provider, we see ourselves as an extension of your company - your own personal IT department.

Benefits experienced by PNTS Clients

Unlimited Support

Our onsite and remote support covers your entire user base for a fixed monthly fee with no hidden costs or fair usage policies, with replacement hardware provided as part of your maintenance agreement.

Ongoing Consultancy Services

As and when you need them, from ad-hoc user queries to network design, development and budget planning.

No Tie-ins or Annual Contracts

We are confident that we are able to retain you as a client without the need for locking you in to a service agreement, and we have a 100% customer retention level to back this up, something we are very proud of.

Hardware and Software Supply

Including installation, configuration and support – we’ll provide everything you need without pushy sales staff quoting you for items you neither need nor want.

Need Expert help Right Now?

If you are experiencing poor network, server or endpoint performance, disruptive downtime or you don’t currently have or are unhappy with your existing support provider, then please give us a call and find out the difference we can make to you, your staff, and the business critical systems you rely on every day.

Call us on 0191 432 4134

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